• Absorbine Liniment

    Absorbine Veterinary Liniment 16 oz Vet Liniment from Absorbine reduces temporary muscular soreness and stiffness caused by exertion or exposure. Easy to use, just rub into skin thoroughly.

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  • Bronco Fly Spray - Gallon (FOB)

    Bronco Fly Spray for Horses Gallon Bronco is an economical choice to kill and repel six species of flies, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes on horses. Contains 0.1% Permethrin and has a citronella scent. Farnam

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  • Bronco Fly Spray - Quart

    Bronco Fly Spray for Horses Quart Bronco is an economical way to kill and repel six fly species, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. Contains 0.1% Permethrin. Citronella scent. Farnam

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  • CMPK Bolus 50ct.

      CMPK Bolus 50ct. A supplemental source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium along with Vitamins D3 and E for use in dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and swine.Readily available source of vital minerals to help replenish blood...

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  • Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray

    Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses 32 oz Endure is a sweat-resistant fly spray for horses that protects against stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, face flies, horn flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, deer ticks, and lice...

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  • EZ All Total Body Wash

    EZ ALL Total Body Wash for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Other Animals 32 oz EZ All Total Body Wash is idea for horses, cattle, and sheep. The concentrated solution is all-natural and breaks up dirt quickly without drying out the skin. An easy-to-use...

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  • Gentle Iodine Wound Spray

      Gentle Iodine 1% Use as topical antiseptic prior to surgical procedures such as castrating and docking. Also used for ringworm, footrot, teat sores, minor cuts, bruises and abrasions. May be applied to the navels of newborn animals. Includes...

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  • Hoofmaker 32oz. w/Pump

    Hoofmaker 32oz. w/Pump Product Details: Helps maintain strong, yet flexible hooves on your horse. Moisturizes to help reduce the incidence of drying, brittle and inflexible surfaces. Aids in the elimination of quarter cracks, sand cracks, and...

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  • Mask-R-Aid Granules 350gm

    Mask-R-Aid Granules 350gm Pala-Tech Equine Mask-R-Aid is a specially formulated flavor aid to help improve the palatability of medication, supplements, and feed. Top dress or mix with feed at mealtime, or as often as desired. Each 10 gm scoop of...

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  • NickerDoodles 2lb.

    NickerDoodles 2lb. NickerDoodles were developed in the Carolinas and quickly gained popularity across the country. Handcrafted from a healthy and tasty recipe with all natural ingredients, these soft equine treats, perfect for sneaking meds into your...

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  • Orvus Paste Shampoo

    Orvus Paste Shampoo 7.5 lb ((FOB)) Orvus Paste Shampoo is a synthetic soap and cleaner well suited for cleaning animals. Good for horses, dogs and livestock. This gentle formula is idea for animals with sensitive skin, yet its whiteners are powerful...

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