• White Porous Tape

    White Porous Tape

    White Porous Tape Available in 1", 2", & 3" Standard Porous Tape is an economical tape with high tensile strength with linear porosity for maximum breathability. 10 yd. Roll. Brand Varies

  • Vetrap 4" 3M

    Vetrap 4" 3M

    Vetrap 4" Available in Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, White, Teal, Gold, Hunter Green, Red, Lime Green, Black, & Bright Orange. Self-adherent, elastic bandaging tape. Applies pressure to inhibit bleeding. Is flexible enough that when...

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  • Vetasan Ointment

    Vetasan Ointment

    Vetasan Ointment 4 oz. Vetasan is topical antiseptic for dermatological conditions responsive to chlorhexidine for use on horses, dogs and cats.   Active ingredient includes: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%.   Kinetic Vet  

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  • Swat Fly Ointment

    Swat Fly Ointment

    Swat Fly Ointment Available in Clear & Pink Farnam® SWAT® Fly Repellent Ointment Farnam® SWAT® is a botanically-derived pyrethrin formula which repels house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies. It's ideal for use on the...

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  • Little Likit Refill (ea.)

    Little Likit Refill (ea.)

    Little Likit Refill Available in Mint, Carrot, Apple, Molasses Flavors. •Fun treats that help relieve boredom  •Made from glucose, the simplest strain of sugar, much like that found in grass •Scientifically proven to...

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  • Likit Tongue Twister Equine Toy

    Likit Tongue Twister Equine Toy

    Likit Tongue Twister Equine Toy The Likit Tongue Twister was developed to provide horses with entertainment and distraction, while reducing incidences of cribbing. Attaches securely to fence or stable wall. As your horse plays with the Likit Tongue...

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  • Succeed Granules

    Succeed Granules

    Succeed Granules 1.79 lb.  SUCCEED is a horse supplement that provides a digestive conditioning program for natural support to the total health of the entire equine GI tract. Freedom of Health

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  • Slick Mix 40#

    Slick Mix 40#

    Slick Mix (FOB) 40 lb. Bucket Improves fiber digestion & supports overall gut health. Contains organic trace minerals, organic selenium yeast, Vitamin B. Ralco 

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  • HS-35


    HS-35 (FOB) 50 lb. Bag A complete vitamin and mineral supplement that contains all 10 essential amino acids, chelated minerals, selenium yeast, biotin & six strains of prebiotics and probiotics. For any age, breed or...