Other Syringes

  • Pneu-Dart Darts

    PNEU DART DARTS 3/4" TYPE U Pneu-Dart darts contain a small explosive charge that detonates on impact and quickly injects the dart contents. The dart syringes are a come in 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 cc models for use with the Pneu-Dart projectors. Five...

  • Pneu-Dart Model 178b

    The Model 178B Pneu-Dart projector is a breech loading air rifle designed for the producer with limited or occasional use of an immobilizing gun. Simple but effective, the 178B uses .50 caliber Pneu-Darts to deliver drugs to small or large animal. The...

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  • Slap-Shot Flexible Oral Doser

    Slap-Shot Flexible Oral Doser

    1" Flexible Oral Doser This 1" flexible oral doser fits disposable and pistol grip syringes. Useful for administering oral medications or solutions to small animals - especially nursery pigs. The soft plastic prevents injuries and the doser is easily...

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