Wound Care

  • Barrier II Wound Spray

    Barrier II Wound Spray

    Barrier II Wound Spray with lidocaine 16 oz. Barrier II Wound Spray is a 2% iodine solution that kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause an infection. Barrier II contains lidocaine to alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions. The spray...

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  • Blu-Kote


    BLU-KOTE Aerosol 5oz Use on horses and dogs for treatment of surface wounds, cuts, galls, hoof, foot and pad sores, chafes, abrasions, moist lesions, eczema and sores. Kills ringworm and fungus infections. Quickly dries up blisters and box-like scabby...

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    NFZ Puffer Contains 0.2% nitrofurazone used for ear and eye infections in dogs and cats. Also for surface wounds, cuts and abrasions in dogs, cats, and on all livestock. Federal law prohibits the use of this product in food producing animals.

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  • Nitrofurazone Ointment

    Nitrofurazone Ointment

    Nitrofurazone Ointment 1 lb This water-soluble antibacterial ointment is safe to use on dogs, cats and horses. Prevents or treats surface bacterial infections of wounds, burns, and cutaneous ulcers. 

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  • Screw Worm Aerosol

    Screw Worm Aerosol

    16 oz Screw Worm Aerosol is an insecticide spray that can be used as a wound spray. It kills flies and maggots in wounds, kills screw worms, controls ticks (including ear ticks) and protects against mosquitos. Controls pests for up to 4 weeks. Can be...

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  • Sponge Gauze 4x4

    Sponge Gauze 4x4

    Gauze 4x4 200ct ■Non-Sterile Sponges Are The Preferred Choice In Most Nursing Homes ■They Can Be Used To Clean, Debride And Provide Coverage To Wounds. ■Packaged In Sleeves Of 200 Sponges. ■Non-Sterile Bulk 4" X 4" ■8-Ply

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  • Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care

    Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care

      Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment Clean * Treat * Heal Formula Based on FDA-Cleared Microcyn Technology. Available in 8 oz or Pint Use to prevent: Hot Spots, Rain rot, Rashes, Post-Surgical sites, Burns, Cinch fungus, Ring Worm, Skin...

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  • Vetericyn VF Plus Wound & Skin Care

    Vetericyn VF Plus Wound & Skin Care

    Vetericyn VF 8 oz or 16oz. One-step topical spray that cleans wounds, treats infection and kills pathogens including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Indications: For management, treatment regimin & acceleration of healing process of traumatic wounds,...

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  • VetRap 2" 3M

    VetRap 2" 3M

    VetRap 2" Made by 3M Lightweight, non-absorbent, cool, and comfortable, this tape stretches and sticks to itself. Size: 2" by 5yd

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  • Wound Spray for Dogs 4oz

    Wound Spray for Dogs 4oz

    Wound Spray 4oz for Dogs by Cut-Heal Protective Dressing for Minor Cut, Skin Irriataions and Abrasions. Directions for use: Hold spray 4-6 inches from the affected area and apply directly, once or twice daily. Do not wrap the affected area. It is...

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