• Barrier II Wound Spray

    Barrier II Wound Spray with lidocaine 16 oz. Barrier II Wound Spray is a 2% iodine solution that kills up to 99% of surface germs that may cause an infection. Barrier II contains lidocaine to alleviate pain in wounds and surgical incisions. The spray...

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  • Catron IV

    Catron IV Aerosol 10oz Use on wounds to kill and repel ear ticks, mosquitoes, fly maggots, gnats, stable, horse, deer, face, house, and horn flies on beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and horses. Also controls blood sucking lice. 5-day...

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  • CL Ewe Replacer

    CL Ewe Replacer Colostrum Supplement for New Born Lambs Directions for use: For a colostrum supplement: Mix 50 grams of CL-Ewe Replacer with 100 mL or 4 oz water and feed one time before lamb is 3 hours old. For a colostrum replacement: Mix 250 grams...

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  • Cut-Heal 16oz Spray

    Cut-Heal Liquid Wound Treatment 16oz Trigger Spray Cut-Heal is an all-natural treatment for wound care. Creates a protective barrier, cleans the wound, aids rapid healing and minimizes proud flesh and scarring. Discourages licking of wounds and biting by...

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    EMCELLE® E-D3 Liquid  1000 ml EMCELLE®-D3 LIQUID is a white-colored, micellized, water-soluble solution of vitamin D3. Each fl. oz. contains 2,500,000 I.U. vitamin D (84,500 I.U./mL).  Vitamin D activity is provided as...

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  • EZ All Total Body Wash

    EZ ALL Total Body Wash for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Other Animals 32 oz EZ All Total Body Wash is idea for horses, cattle, and sheep. The concentrated solution is all-natural and breaks up dirt quickly without drying out the skin. An easy-to-use...

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  • Mild Shampoo - 32 oz.

    Mild Shampoo 32 oz. With a versatile fresh and clean formula, this shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and conditions the hair coat and skin. Suitable for use on all livestock. Weaver Livestock

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  • Orvus Paste Shampoo

    Orvus Paste Shampoo 7.5 lb ((FOB)) Orvus Paste Shampoo is a synthetic soap and cleaner well suited for cleaning animals. Good for horses, dogs and livestock. This gentle formula is idea for animals with sensitive skin, yet its whiteners are powerful...

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  • Pocket Brush

    Pocket Brush for Livestock This small, oval synthetic brush with nylon strap fits neatly in your pocket and is perfect for the show ring. Works well for small animals, too.

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  • Poly Rope Sheep Halter

    Poly Rope Sheep Halter by Weaver Basic rope sheep halter. Includes seven-foot lead. Made of soft, braided ski rope. Also works as a rope goat halter. Colors vary.

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  • Probios Powder

    Probios 240 gram or 5 lb Contain a source of live, naturally occurring Lactobacillus sp. and streptococcus faecium bacteria. Helps maintain normal digestion prior to, during and after stressful periods.  DIRECTIONS: BEEF / DAIRY: Calves -...

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