• Dosatron D128R Medicator

    Dosatron D128R Medicator

    DOSATRON D128R Medicator The D128R is the Original FLAT TOP from Dosatron, a leader in the industry. It accurately injects additives into water for livestock. It is simple to use with a factory pre-set at 1 ounce per gallon and it is water powered so...

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  • Dosatron DM11FVF Medicator

    Dosatron DM11FVF Medicator

    DOSATRON DM11F Medicator  The Dosatron Diaphram is more than a medicator. Wide flow range of 0.02 GPM to 11 GPM. Low flow for day old chicks and weaners. More flow capacity as they grow. Designed to handle the toughest water conditions, such as...

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  • Dosatron D25F Medicator

    Dosatron D25F Medicator

    Dosatron Medicator D25FVF  The D25F is perfect for slightly higher flows at 11 GPM. Its versatility provides more flow for your bigger houses and larger animals and offers lower flow for your nurseries and small chicks. The D25F has no bottom or top...

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