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Purina High Octane Power Fuel 40#

Purina High Octane Power Fuel 40#

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Purina High Octane Power Fuel - 40#

Highly Palatable

Essential Fatty Acids: For the Overall Health & Look of Your Show Animal

Contains Tasco®: Important During Periods of Stress

Features & Benefits

Ascorbic acid

Helps improve immune function during periods of stress

Extruded nugget

Great physical appearance, little or no fines, very digestible


Great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

Gamma Oryzanol

From rice bran - Over 110 antioxidants - Benefits the immune systems

High Vitamin E level

Potent antioxidant

Very high energy

31% crude fat, supplies a large amount of energy in a small daily feeding rate

Wheat germ meal

Source of octacosanol - Purported to increase red blood cell production, enhance the respiratory and immune systems