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StandGuard Pour-On

StandGuard Pour-On

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Prozap StandGuard Pour-On Insecticide

Available in 900mL or 4.5L

  • No dilution necessary, simply use as pour on along the back of beef cattle
  • Most potent pyrethroid on the market
  • Season long lice control with one application
  • Contains gamma-cyhalothrin, the latest technology for beef cattle in the pyrethroid class
  • Smaller dosage rates, thus lowering cost per head treated and less effect on the environment
  • 900 mL bottle treats up to 90 head of cattle weighing 600 lbs or less. 4.5 L jug treats up to 450 head of cattle weighing 600 lbs or less
Prozap® StandGuard® Pour-on is the ideal horn fly and lice control solution that is powerful, low-dose, and easy to use. No dilution is necessary, and Prozap StandGuard is available in 30 fl oz (900 mL) bottles with an easy squeeze-and-pour design ideal for smaller treatment groups. Prozap StandGuard is also available in 4.5 L size, which is more convenient for large operations.