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Super II Dairy & Farm Spray 2.5 Gallon

Super II Dairy & Farm Spray 2.5 Gallon

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Super II Dairy & Farm Spray 2.5 Gallon

Super II Dairy & Farm Spray is a ready-to-use dual-purpose formula (pyrethrins + vapona) designed to protect dairy and beef cattle from attacks of biting flies in barns and out in the pasture, and also to function as an effective space spray for quick knockdown and kill of flies in barns.

Contains 0.05% Pyrethrins, 0.1% PBO, and 0.50% DDVP and can be applied in animal space and premises. Controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats and lice, and can be used in dairy barns, feed lots, and stables for dairy and beef cattle.

Animal Spray:
To develop a residual repellency to stable flies, mosquitoes and gnats on dairy cows.
Apply 1 to 2 ounces of this product to each animal for a three day period. The spray should be applied with a good hydraulic-type hand sprayer so that the animal’s entire body has been uniformly covered.
Special care should be used in spraying the legs, belly and shoulders. Avoid areas around the nose, eyes, and mouth. Avoid wetting the hide. Spray in the same manner again after two days have elapsed and every second day thereafter or when insects again disturb the animal. Calves should be sprayed very lightly once a day instead of when attempting to build up a residual repellency by spraying more heavily.
DO NOT treat Brahman and/or Brahman cross cattle as they may show hypersensitivity to organophosphates.

For control of lice on livestock.
Spray the animals with 2 ounces of this product. Immediately rub the spray into the hair (do not use bare hand), paying particular attention to infested areas.
Repeat as necessary, but not more frequently than once every three weeks.

Space Spray for Barn Fly Control:
To kill flies, mosquitoes and gnats in the barn prior to milking, close all doors and windows and direct the spray towards the ceiling. The barn should remain closed for 10 to 20 minutes. Sweep up and destroy fallen insects. Repeat as necessary, but no more than once per day.
Apply at the rate of one ounce spray per 1,000 cubic feet.

* Not approved for sale in Alaska, California, Hawaii, or Rhode Island.