Vet Supplies

  • 3mL Luer Lock

    3mL Luer Lock Disposable Monoject Syringe Latex free. Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring needle. Luer lock syringe tip on combination units. 100ct Box

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  • Allflex Repeater Syringe

      Allflex Repeater Syringe Available in 25 & 50ml This Allflex® Repeater Syringe has a streamlined design with fewer replacement parts.  Amber-colored barrel is less susceptible to UV sunlight compared to clear barrels Easy-grip...

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  • Ardes Drench Gun 150ml

      Ardes Drench Gun Available in 60 & 150ml Pistol grip 150 cc drench gun provides an economical way to drench cattle, sheep, and hogs with fluids, medication or wormer. Durable plastic frame with stainless steel probe. To fill syringe:...

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  • Ardes Drench Gun 60ml

      Ardes Drench Gun Available in 60 & 150ml Pistol grip 60 cc drench gun provides an economical way to drench cattle, sheep, and hogs with fluids or wormer. Durable plastic frame with 4 1/2" long probe. Dosage is...

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  • Corkscrew Plastic Trocars

      Trocars Available in Regular or Corkscrew Plastic instrument relieves bloat & gas accumulation by providing semi-permanent rumen fistula in cattle, sheep, & goats. Brand Varies      

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  • Divasa Drench Gun 400ml

      Divasa Drench Gun 400ml The Divasa Oral Drench gun from Agri-Pro Enterprises is a perfect drenching syringe for large jobs. Comes with an oral cannula. Replaceable o rings are available...

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  • Empty Serum Bottles

      Empty Serum Bottles Available in 100, 250, 500, & 1000ml Empty Vaccine Bottle.  Needs a fold-over stopper.  Perfect for mising vaccines or using vaccines in a smaller, more convenient bottle. Brand...

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