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High Octane PowerFill 50#

High Octane PowerFill 50#

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High Octane Powerfill

Purina® HIGH OCTANE® Powerfill™ Supplement is a versatile feed supplement specifically formulated for show pigs, designed to support body condition, manage weight gain, and maintain muscle. It can be used as part of a daily diet or as the sole diet for show pigs. Here’s a detailed overview of its features, benefits, and usage:

Key Features:

  1. High Energy and Protein Content: Provides essential nutrients to support muscle maintenance and overall health.
  2. Versatile Feeding Options: Can be fed dry or mixed with water to create a moist paste.
  3. Supplemental Use: Can be used to supplement energy and protein when fed alongside other feeds.


  • Body Condition Management: Helps promote optimal body condition while managing weight gain, ensuring that show pigs are fit and not overly fat.
  • Muscle Maintenance: Provides necessary nutrients to maintain muscle mass, crucial for show pigs to exhibit a well-muscled appearance.
  • Palatable Formulation: Highly palatable to ensure that pigs consume it readily, whether dry or mixed with water.

Feeding Directions:

  • As Sole Daily Diet: Can be used as the complete diet for show pigs, providing all necessary nutrients in one feed.
  • As Part of Daily Diet: Can be fed in combination with other feeds, such as Honor® Show Chow® Show Pig feeds, to enhance the diet.
  • Feeding Rate: When used to supplement energy and protein, feed 1 to 2 lbs. per day.

How to Feed:

  • Dry Feeding: Simply add to the regular feed.
  • Wet Feeding: Mix with sufficient water to create a moist paste, which can help increase intake and improve hydration.

Purina® HIGH OCTANE® Powerfill™ Supplement is a high-quality feed option for show pigs, offering flexibility in feeding methods and robust support for body condition, weight management, and muscle maintenance. Whether used as a complete diet or a supplement, it ensures that show pigs receive the necessary nutrients to perform and look their best in the show ring.