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Lepto EQ Innovator 10 Dose

Lepto EQ Innovator 10 Dose

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Lepto EQ Innovator

Equine leptospirosis is an often overlooked and costly ailment that can impact horses across the board. A nationwide study revealed that 75% of seemingly healthy horses had been exposed to at least one serovar of leptospira.

In response to this concern, LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR® emerges as the pioneering and sole equine vaccine designed to prevent leptospirosis in horses. This innovative vaccine specifically addresses leptospiremia caused by L. pomona, with the potential, though not conclusively proven, to mitigate the risk of equine recurrent uveitis (ERU) infections, abortions, or acute renal failure associated with L. pomona.*

It's worth noting that there are currently no USDA-licensed vaccines with label claims against equine abortions, uveitis, or acute renal failure caused by L. pomona. LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR® has demonstrated effectiveness in vaccinating healthy horses aged 6 months or older against Leptospira interrogans serovar pomona.