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Ralco First Peep 2#

Ralco First Peep 2#

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First Peep™

Get Baby Chicks Eating

Introducing First Peep™ – a non-medicated feed supplement designed to enhance the digestive well-being of baby chicks during their initial weeks of life. This specially formulated blend encourages the consumption of feed, fostering a robust foundation for their growth.


  • Enhances feed palatability to establish a solid foundation
  • Stimulates appetite, promoting healthy eating habits in baby chicks
  • Naturally supports early digestive health

Ingredients: First Peep™ contains a blend of carefully selected components, including:

  • Kelp
  • Oregano essential oils
  • Prebiotics

Recommended Use: Simply sprinkle First Peep™ generously on the feed every day during the first weeks of a chick's life. Continue usage until the supply is depleted. Suitable for all types of poultry.

Available in: Convenient 2 lb. Resealable Pouch