Fly Control

  • Absorbine Ultra Shield EX - 32 oz.

      ULTRA SHIELD EX 32 OZ. Repels flies, mosquitoes, and gnats for up to 14 days.  Water-based formula with three active ingredients.  Contains two sunscreens and is citronella scented.  UltraSheild can be used on all premises where...

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  • AIM-L VetCaps for VetGun

    30 Capsules or 150 Capsules AIM-L VetCaps designed for use the VetGun Insecticide Delivery System. These softshell capsules disperse insecticide on impact to control horn flies, face flies and lice. Leaves a bright color mark to let you know you've made...

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  • BRUTE by Y-Tex

    BRUTE by Y-Tex Pour-On for Cattle Long-lasting residual control of lice, horn flies and Gulf Coast ticks on lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and beef cattle. Concentrate for dilution with diesel fuel or oil for backrubber

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  • Cattle Rub - 5' (FOB)

    CATTLE RUB - 5' (FOB) Made from tough polyester with a durable rope. Hang at back height and pour 2 gallons of insecticide along its length for continuous fly control. Brand varies

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  • VetGun 90 gram cartridges vetgun co2 25 gram

    CO2 Cartridges for VetGun

    CO2 Propellant Cartridges for VetGun 90 gram twin pack or 25 gram six pack CO2 propellant cartridges for use with the VetGun Insecticide System. 25 gram catridges provide enough CO2 for 20 to 25 discharges. 90 gram catridges provide 70 to 90 discharges...

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  • Country Vet Dispenser

    Country Vet Dispenser For use with small 6.4 oz. cans Waterbury Country Vet Classic Dispenser sprays a fine mist every 15 minutes. Covers 5,000 cubic ft for 30 days. EPA registered for use in animal areas, bathrooms, kitchens and any other enclosed...

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  • Country Vet Flying Insect Kill System

    Country Vet Flying Insect Kit with 1 Spray Each spray can lasts 30 days Provides 30 days of 24-hr flying insect control. Kit includes wall dispenser and a 30-day refill. Refills contain 0.975% Pyrethrins to control flies, mosquitoes, and moths...

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  • Country Vet Macro Auto Metered Dispenser

    Country Vet Macro Fly Manager For use with large 17 oz. cans All weather unit provides automatic insect control indoors or outdoors. Delivers 250% more spray per shot than standard dispensers. Dispensers spray every 15 minutes or may be programmed. ...

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  • CV-80D Farm & Dairy Spray

      CV-80D Fly Spray 18.5 oz Kills & Repels Flies and Mosquitoes, which may carry the West Nile Virus.  Also Kills & Repels: Small Flying Moths, Gnats, Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Crickets, Asian Beetles, Lice, Clover Mites, and Maud...

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