• Acid Pak

    ACID PAK  Acid Pack is a Water Acidifier Supplying Enzymes, Electrolytes and Natural Gut Flora (Bacteria) For Use During Periods of Stress or Reduced Feed and Water Intake. Drinking Water: Mix contents of this pouch (8 oz) in 128 gallons of water...

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  • Baby Pig Restart

    BABY PIG RESTART  An aromatic blend of milk fat, milk sugars, animal fat, porcine plasma and electrolytes intended to provide essential nutrients for the energy-deficient young piglet. Designed to help prevent starve-outs and stunting in young pigs...

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  • Baby Pig Restart 25# Pail

    Baby Pig Restart 25 lb pail Baby Pig Restart is designed to help prevent starve-outs and stunting in young pigs that are not consuming sufficient energy from their milk or pig starter intake. Contains milk and animal energy sources. Can be given as a...

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  • BlueLite 2Bw

    Bluelite 2Bw  This water-soluble acidified electrolyte product with Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs) provides baby pigs with the hydration they need as well as active cultures to help with intestinal and digestive problems that can happen at weaning. It...

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  • BlueLite Swine

    BlueLite Swine 2 or 6 lb Buffered electrolytes & water acidifier for use in water & feed of pigs of any age. Use in the drinking water or feed whenever pigs are dehydrated or show evidence of shrink as a result of stress associated with...

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  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid 1 lb Mild organic acid for use in livestock drinking water. Increases the solubility of tetracyclines when used in the drinking water at a rate of 1/2 pound per gallon. May also be used as a waterline cleaner and anti-microbial.

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  • CMPK Bolus 50ct.

      CMPK Bolus 50ct. A supplemental source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium along with Vitamins D3 and E for use in dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and swine.Readily available source of vital minerals to help replenish blood...

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  • DE-Lyte

    DE-Lyte from Ralco Gallon DE-Lyte is a Vitamin D and Vitamin E supplement that helps pigs transition from sow to nursery. To use: Mix the gallon of DE-Lyte with 4 gallons of water to make a stock solution. Meter 1 ounce of stock solution per gallon of...

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      EMCELLE® E-D3 Liquid  1000 ml EMCELLE®-D3 LIQUID is a white-colored, micellized, water-soluble solution of vitamin D3. Each fl. oz. contains 2,500,000 I.U. vitamin D (84,500 I.U./mL).  Vitamin D activity is provided...

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