• Blade Wash 18oz.

    Blade Wash 18oz.

      Blade Wash 18oz. Clean out your clipper's blades with the Oster Blade Wash. This is an excellent choice for those who want to look after their grooming products and keep them working at top...

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  • Kool Lube 14oz.

    Kool Lube 14oz.

      Kool Lube 14oz. Oster® Kool-Lube quickly and effectively cools, lubricates and cleans clipper blades One quick spray offers instant cooling Helps ensure clean, smooth...

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  • Oster Golden A5

    Oster Golden A5

      Oster Golden A5 Animal Clipper The Oster Golden A5 has the speed and power to handle any grooming job. The new motor design keeps the clippers cooler and blades are detachable. Available in...

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  • Oster Shearmaster

    Oster Shearmaster

      Oster Shearmaster Packing a powerful punch, this machine is the choice of shearing professionals around the world for fitting cattle, shearing sheep and llamas. Its 3" head runs cooler than...

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  • Oster Turbo A5

    Oster Turbo A5

      Oster A5 Turbo Cooler running for cooler handling. New Oster Cryogen-X Blades are on average 30 degrees cooler. More powerful, wider sweep, faster running (over 4000 strokes per minute)...

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