• #300 Pet Tattooer

    Stone #300 Pet Tattooer 6 Digit 4 or 6-digit pet plier tattoo with Ink, 0-9 digits, and plier Works great on kids, lambs, dogs and smaller animals. Special #300 digits take only 1.25" for 4...

  • #300 Tattoo Digit

    Single Digit for the Stone #300 Pet Tattoo Plier. Please request digits or sequence in the box provided.  

  • 3/8" Tattooer w/ Ear Release

    Stone 3/8" Tattooer with Ear Release Complete Comes with 1oz black ink, and numbers 0-9 Standard tattoo pliers from Stone Manufacturing. Positive ear release lifts ear off needles to prevent...

  • ProVet 500

    ProVet 500 Tattoo Plier Compound action tattoo plier - a hard-working tool for hard-working hands. Holds up to 5 standard 3/8" digits. Designed especially for veterinarians and herdsmen who work...

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  • STONE 5/16 Tattoo Outfit Kit

    STONE 5/16 Tattoo Outfit Kit Comes with Pliers, Ink, and 0-9 For poultry, dogs, and other small animals. Will Hold up to 5 digits. With ear release. Complete outfit consists of plier, set of 5/16"...

  • Tattoo Digit 3/8"

    Digits for 3/8" Tattoo Plier Available in single digits (please specify in order comments), A-Z sets and 0-9 sets. 

  • Tattoo Digit 5/16"

    Single Digits for 5/16" Tattoo Plier Ideal size for poultry, dogs, and other small animals. Made by Stone.