• 3-in-1 Tank De-Icer

    3-in-1 Tank De-Icer

    3-in-1 Tank De-Icer This 3-in-1 water tank de-icer from Miller Manufacturing easily converts between a floating, sinking or drain plug de-icer. The unit contains multiple thermostats for safe, optimized temperature control.  

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  • Automatic Waterer De-Icer

    Automatic Waterer De-Icer

      De-Icer for Automatic Waterers 250 Watt or 500 Watt Specially designed de-icer for use with automatic waterers. Large surface area for cooler operation and multiple thermostats for safe, optimized temperature control.    

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  • Bucket Handle Grips

    Bucket Handle Grips

    Carry your buckets comfortably and still hang them up! These ergonomic bucket grips fit on standard v-handle buckets and reduce hand fatigue while still allowing you to hang the bucket up. Patented with easy snap-on and snap-off design. Can be used with...

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  • Bucket Heater 1000W

    Bucket Heater 1000W

      Bucket Heater 1000W Designed to heat water as opposed to de-icing water, this powerful bucket heater will heat the water to over 180 degrees F. A stainless steel guard protects the durable heating element. Water can be heated towards boiling,...

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  • DuraTote Stool

    DuraTote Stool

      DuraTote Stool by Little Giant The DuraTote Stool from Little Giant combines the organization of a grooming tote with a durable stool that holds up to 300 pounds. The step stool can be used alone or over the grooming tote. The handle drops down...

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  • Empty Serum Bottles

    Empty Serum Bottles

      Empty Serum Bottles Available in 100, 250, 500, & 1000ml Empty Vaccine Bottle.  Needs a fold-over stopper.  Perfect for mising vaccines or using vaccines in a smaller, more convenient bottle. Brand...

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  • Empty Sprayolo Qt Bottle

    Empty Sprayolo Qt Bottle

    Empty Sprayolo Bottle 32 oz One quart empty spray bottle for use with Sprayolo livestock marker. Sprays marker from 3-5 feet away during sorting, breeding, vaccinating, etc.

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  • Floating Tank De-Icer

    Floating Tank De-Icer

      Floating Tank De-Icer 1,500 Watt, 120 Volt water tank de-icer. Strong, durable stainless steel heating element. Thermostat-controlled and designed to be safe. The float is completely enclosed in a rugged, plastic housing and will not sink over...

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  • Fold-Over Stopper

    Fold-Over Stopper

      Fold-Over Bottle Stopper (Rubber) Fold-Over Stopper for empty Vaccine Bottles Small Stopper: Works for 50mL and 100mL Bottles Large Stopper: Works with 250mL, 500mL and 1000mL Bottle  

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  • Hanging Scale

    Hanging Scale

    Hanging Scale E-Z HANG SCALES Multi-use farm scale you can hang anywhere. The round face of the scale is marked clearly. Use it to weigh feed, animals, grain, etc. The scale comes with two nickel-plated hooks and is very easy to adjust. Six...

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  • Heated Buckets

    Heated Buckets

      Heated Buckets from Allied 9 quart, 5 gallon, and 16 gallon These heavy duty plastic buckets from Allied turn on automatically at 35 degrees and below. When the temperature exceeds 37 degrees the bucket turns off, making these heated buckets...

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