Grooming and Show Supplies

  • Burr Out Brush

    Burr Out Brush from Weaver Livestock The perfect tool for quickly detangling and removing burrs. The Burr Out Brush's 17 tapered teeth are arranged in two rows and the brush's extra wide head covers more coat area with every pass. Made from stainless...

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  • DuraTote Stool

    DuraTote Stool by Little Giant The DuraTote Stool from Little Giant combines the organization of a grooming tote with a durable stool that holds up to 300 pounds. The step stool can be used alone or over the grooming tote. The handle drops down flush...

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  • EZ All Total Body Wash

    EZ ALL Total Body Wash for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Other Animals 32 oz EZ All Total Body Wash is idea for horses, cattle, and sheep. The concentrated solution is all-natural and breaks up dirt quickly without drying out the skin. An easy-to-use...

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  • Little Giant DuraTote

    Little Giant DuraTote 18" L x 13.75" W x 10" H The Little Giant DuraTote is perfect for organizing brushes, show supplies or spray cans. Compartments of various sizes make the tote ideal for storing any items in your barn or trailer. Extra thick...

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  • Mild Shampoo - 32 oz.

    Mild Shampoo 32 oz. With a versatile fresh and clean formula, this shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and conditions the hair coat and skin. Suitable for use on all livestock. Weaver Livestock

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  • Orvus Paste Shampoo

    Orvus Paste Shampoo 7.5 lb ((FOB)) Orvus Paste Shampoo is a synthetic soap and cleaner well suited for cleaning animals. Good for horses, dogs and livestock. This gentle formula is idea for animals with sensitive skin, yet its whiteners are powerful...

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  • Pocket Brush

    Pocket Brush for Livestock This small, oval synthetic brush with nylon strap fits neatly in your pocket and is perfect for the show ring. Works well for small animals, too.

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  • Stierwalt ProRefit

    14 oz Kirk Stierwalt's ProRefit aerosol adhesive remover makes washing away show day preparations a breeze. It leaves no oily residue so it's ideal for refitting. For best results, let ProRefit sit for 5 to 10 minutes before washing with Stierwalt...

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  • Stierwalt ProRemover

    Quart Stierwalt ProRemover liquid is an adhesive remover ideal for removing show day preparations and breaking down several animals at once. Mild citrus scent. 

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  • Stierwalt ProTouch Paints

    10 oz Kirk Stierwalt ProTouch Paints from Weaver Livestock dry quickly and come in a variety of colors. Black paint is split into a 2-step process, with base black and finish black. Colors can be combined to create a perfect, natural look. ProTouch...

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  • Weaver Stierwalt Adhesives

    10 oz Aerosol Kirk Stierwalt line of show adhesives from Weaver Livestock. All adhesives dry with a light, white tint. The Light adhesive is a flexible, forgiving formula that adds body, volume, and definition with a lighter hold. The Medium adhesive...

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