• Weight Tape for Beef

    Weight Tape for Beef

      Weight Tape for Beef Beef Stock Weigh Tape estimates beef cattle weights according to body condition—thin to very fleshy. One side gives the scale in inches and pounds and the opposite side has the same scale in centimeters and kilograms...

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  • Rattle Cup

    Rattle Cup

      Rattle Cup Actual size is 6½” wide, 7″ tall and 5″ deep, with a 6″ x 2½” handle. The Kane Rattle Cup is animal friendly! Made of high density, durable polyethylene and built to last. Its large handle...

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  • Cattle Rub - 5' (FOB)

    Cattle Rub - 5' (FOB)

    CATTLE RUB - 5' (FOB) Made from tough polyester with a durable rope. Hang at back height and pour 2 gallons of insecticide along its length for continuous fly control. Brand varies

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  • Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander The most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers. For animals 300 lbs to full grown. 

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  • XL Bander

    XL Bander

    XL BANDER Designed for bulls from 250 to 650 lbs.  Works just like plier banders.   Wadsworth Manufacturing.

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  • Tri-Band Bander

    Tri-Band Bander

    TRI-BAND BANDER Perfect for calves up to three to four months of age (400 lbs.).  The bander opens bigger and the rings are 2 times stronger than standard castrating bands.   

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  • Pneu-Dart Model 178b

    Pneu-Dart Model 178b

      The Model 178B Pneu-Dart projector is a breech loading air rifle designed for the producer with limited or occasional use of an immobilizing gun. Simple but effective, the 178B uses .50 caliber Pneu-Darts to deliver drugs to small or large animal...