• Barnes Style Dehorner

    Barnes Style Dehorner

    Barnes Style Dehorner 17" Now made of durable, high grade black tempered steel. Cupped cutting edges on inside permit operator to cup out horn button, and they overlap for clean, sharp cuts. Available in two sizes with steel handles and rubber grips; one...

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  • Bull Rings

    Bull Rings

    Bull Rings Brass bull ring with allen screw. Sharp, easy-piercing design. Easy to remove after use. Comes with allen wrench and extra lock screw. Five sizes available. 

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  • Calf Weaner Plastic Green

    Calf Weaner Plastic Green

      Plastic Calf Weaner Green Medium Durable plastic, more comfortable for livestock. Effective yet economical. Nose piece is adjustable by loosening or tightening the wing nut. 160-301 Green Plastic (medium) 160-303 Yellow Plastic (large)  

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  • Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander The most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers. For animals 300 lbs to full grown. 

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  • Cattle Rub - 5' (FOB)

    Cattle Rub - 5' (FOB)

    CATTLE RUB - 5' (FOB) Made from tough polyester with a durable rope. Hang at back height and pour 2 gallons of insecticide along its length for continuous fly control. Brand varies

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  • Cow Magnet

    Cow Magnet

    Cow Magnets Aluminum, nickel and cobalt material. Helps prevent hardware disease in cattle. Rounded ends for less stress on the animal. 3 inches in length and 1/2 inch diameter.  12 per box

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  • Dr. Franks Calf Puller

    Dr. Franks Calf Puller

    Dr. Frank's Calf Puller (FOB) The "Original" Calf-Puller Features an adjustable heavy-duty nylon strap, nickel plated chain and a quick release mechanism for easy, one person operation. Uniform tension helps prevent slipping or backing up of the jack...

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  • Eazi Breed Cattle CIDR

    Eazi Breed Cattle CIDR

      EAZI-BREED CATTLE (Beef) CIDR 10 ct Eazi-Breed CIDR (Progesterone) Cattle breeding is more successful with the Eazi-Breed CIDR Cattle Insert (progesterone). It improves the timing and efficiency of beef cow and heifer breeding programs when...

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  • ECO-FAST Digital Thermometer

    ECO-FAST Digital Thermometer

    ECO-FAST Digital Thermometer Safe, fast and accurate. Battery operated digital thermometer for veterinary use. More than 200 hours of continuous operation with the enclosed 55V button size battery. Approximately 30-60 second read time. Easy to read...

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  • Hand Held Herd Counter

    Hand Held Herd Counter

      Hand Held Herd Counter Hand-held herd counter is lightweight yet durable. Nickel-plated. Round design fits comfortably in your palm, with stay-in-place finger ring attachment to remain secure while quickly counting livestock. Manual click...

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