Sheep & Goats

  • Alpha CD

    Alpha CD

      Alpha CD Available in 10 & 50ds. Alpha-CD is a one dose C & D toxoid for all types of cattle. Aids in the reduction of enterotoxemia caused by Clostridium perfringens Types C & D toxins. Unique DD-2 adjuvant maximizes immune...

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  • Bobby Listen's Stro N-Flo 5 LB.

    Bobby Listen's Stro N-Flo 5 LB.

      Bobby Listen's Stro N-Flo 5 LB. Pail Keep your feet and pads in the best shape possible with this all natural blend of essential vitamins and minerals focused on proper health for hooves and pads. When it's time to Rock-N-Roll use Stro...

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  • Bovi-Sera Serum Antibodies

    Bovi-Sera Serum Antibodies

      Bovi-Sera Serum Antibodies 250ml Antiserum for prevention and treatment of A. pyogenes, Pasteurella multocida, E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Mannheimia haemolytica in cattle and sheep. Give IM or SQ. For prevention, give calves 20-40 ml...

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  • CMPK Bolus 50ct.

    CMPK Bolus 50ct.

      CMPK Bolus 50ct. A supplemental source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium along with Vitamins D3 and E for use in dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and swine.Readily available source of vital minerals to help replenish blood...

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  • Covexin 8

    Covexin 8

      Covexin 8 Available in 10 & 50 ds. 7-way blackleg including red water, plus tetanus protection for cattle and sheep. For prevention of Clostridium chauvoei, septicum, novyi, perfringens Types C & D, haemolyticum (bacillary...

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  • Dyne Gallon

    Dyne Gallon

      Dyne Gallon (( FOB )) Dyne is a High-Calorie, palatable, liquid dietary supplement provides an easily digestible source of unsaturated fat, along with a variety of vitamins and minerals for added weight gain in cattle/calves, swine/baby pigs,...

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