Little Giant

  • Automatic Egg Turner

      Automatic Egg Turner Fits any Little Giant Circulated-Air or Still-Air Incubator. Electric motor automatically rotates the eggs to prevent the yolk from settling to one side and to exercise...

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  • Bucket Handle Grips

    Carry your buckets comfortably and still hang them up! These ergonomic bucket grips fit on standard v-handle buckets and reduce hand fatigue while still allowing you to hang the bucket up. Patented...

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  • Plastic Feeder Base - Quart

    One Quart Plastic Feeder Base This plastic poultry feeder base is designed for use with the 1-quart screw on feeder/waterer jar from Little Giant. Makes a gravity feeder perfect for baby chicks and...

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  • Poultry Ground Feeder

    20" Ground Feeder   Ground feeder with flip top. Snap-in hinge ensures long life. Features 28 feeding holes with 14 on each side. 20 inches long by 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Made of...

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  • Single Nesting Box

      Single Nesting Box Better than metal nests, and costs less! The Little Giant Single Nesting Box is made of high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene that will not rust, rot, or corrode...

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