• Brute Pour On

    Brute Pour On

      BRUTE Pour OnAvailable in Pint or Gallon((FOB)) Long-lasting residual control of lice, horn flies and Gulf Coast ticks on lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and beef cattle...

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  • Gard Star 40% EC

    Gard Star 40% EC

      GardStar 40% EC Available in 4oz & 1Qt. Livestock and Premise Insecticide Controls horn flies, face flies, stable flies, house flies, horse flies, deer flies, black flies, mosquitoes,...

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  • Swineguard Pour-On Gallon

    Swineguard Pour-On Gallon

      Swineguard Pour-On (( FOB )) Gallon  A ready-to use oil-based pour-on formulation for swine containing permethrin, a highly effective synthetic pyrethroid for control of mange...

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  • Warrior Tags

    Warrior Tags

      Warrior Tags (20ct Box)Warrior insecticide cattle ear tags are dual organophosphate tags containing 30% diazinon and 10% chlorpyrifos. Approved for use on beef and non-lactating dairy...

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  • Y-Tex Button Tags

    Y-Tex Button Tags

    Y-TEX Button Tag Complete Ear Tags 25 ct For calves, sheep, goats, or hogs. Small button that measure 1-5/8"W x 2"H. Soft and flexible material. Fade resistent. Available in many colors and with or...

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  • Y-Tex GardStar Plus Tags

    Y-Tex GardStar Plus Tags

      GardStar Plus Tags (25ct Box)GardStar Plus cattle insecticide ear tags contain 10 permethrin. Approved for use on beef and dairy cattle, including calves and lactating dairy cows.Use...

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  • Y-Tex Marking Ink

    Y-Tex Marking Ink

    Y-TEX Marking Ink - Black Ink made for writing on the Y-TEX Tags. Ball point tip with black ink. Penetrates the surface to the tag for a lasting mark.

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  • Y-Tex Medium 3-Star Tags Y-Tex Medium 3-Star Tags

    Y-Tex Medium 3-Star Tags

      Y-TEX Medium 3-Star Tag Complete Ear Tags 25 ctFor cows and calves. 3-7/8" H x 2-1/2" W. Flexible tag with a long ribbed neck for less breakage and fewer lost tags. Fade resistent so marking...

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  • Y-Tex Mini 1 Star Tags Y-Tex Mini 1 Star Tags

    Y-Tex Mini 1 Star Tags

      Y-TEX Mini 1-Star Tag Complete Ear Tags 25 ct For calves, sheep, & hogs. Measure 1-5/8" W x 2" H. Soft and flexible tag that is fade resistent. Long, ribbed neck prevents breakdage...

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