AI/Breeding Supplies

  • Chlorhexi-Lube

    Chlorhexi-Lube from Priority Care Gallon (FOB)  Chlorhexi-Lube from Priority Care is a ready to use antiseptic lubricant for topical or intrauterine application. Chlorhexi-Lube is non-greasy, free from irritating effects and will not harm...

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  • Golden Gilt AI Catheters

     Golden Gilt AI Rods Pack of 25 or case of 750 The specific shape, texture of its foam and dimensional characteristics (internal and external diameters) make the Golden Gilt the ideal catheter for the genital tract of the sow or gilt.

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  • Golden Pig AI Catheters

    Golden Pig AI Rods 25pk or case of 750 Rods The specific shape, texture of this breeding rods' foam and dimensional characteristics (internal and external diameters) make the Golden Pig the ideal catheter for the genital tract of the sow...

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  • Golden Pig Deep AI Catheters

    Golden Pig Deep AI Rods Case of 25 or 500 The Deep Goldenpig was created after significant anatomical study of sow / gilt reproductive physiology. * The Deep Goldenpig was designed predominantly to enable good fertility / fecundity at reduced sperm cell...

  • Hogmate for Boars

    Hogmate for Boars 40ml Scientifically tested and proven effective in traning of a naive boar with a dummy sow, Hog Mate Boar Odor Sprahy for Boars will treat approximately 50 boars. Reproduction Provisions

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  • Hogmate for Gilts & Sows

    Hogmate for Gilts & Sows 40ml An essential to determine if a gilt or sow is at a correct stage of estrus for AI. The spray contains a solution of the same pheromone compountd that occurs naturally in the boar and is responsible for the 'boar odor'...

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  • J-Jelly Lube

      J-Jelly Lubricant 8oz J-Jelly is a good, general lubricant for rectal and obstetrical purposes. Similar to Jorgensen Labs' popular J-Lube Powder only in a prepared, ready-to use form. J-Jelly lubricant is a staple item of AI breeding supplies...

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  • J-Lube Powder

      J-Lube Powder284 gm J-Lube powdered lubricant is mixed into water to make an effective obstetrical lubricant. Similar to J-Jelly from Jorgensen Labs, J-Lube Powdered Lubricant concentrate is non-irritating and completely inert. One of our best...

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