Sorting Equipment

  • Sorting Pole

    Sorting Pole

    Sorting Pole 60" A common tool for sorting livestock of all types. Features a comfortable golf-style grip and vinyl covering for protection and easy cleaning. From Koehn Manufacturing.

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  • KANE Rattle Paddle

    KANE Rattle Paddle

    KANE Rattle Paddle Available in 37" or 47" This Kane Rattle Paddle is made with high density materials making it very durable. The Paddle has a one piece polyethylene construction featuring a rubber handle.

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  • Koehn Rattle Paddle

    Koehn Rattle Paddle

    KOEHN Rattle Paddle with BB's Available in 36", 42" or 48" with Golf Grip Handle A safe and more humane way to sort. Highly visible to easily sort hogs, cattle, sheep, etc. Unique "rattling" head increases its effectiveness. Vinyl coated fiberglass shaft...

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  • Poly Sorting Panel Poly Sorting Panel

    Poly Sorting Panel

      Poly Sorting Panel Available in 18", 36" and 48" Sorting panels are available in: 18" ==> 18" X 30" 3' ==> 36" X 30" 4' ==> 48" X 30" Red Poly 2 way sorting panel. Hinge kit is available to hinge 2 panels together.  

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  • MaGrath Replacement Wands

    MaGrath Replacement Wands

      MaGrath Replacement Wands Available in 22" and 34" Replacement Rigid Wand for the MaGrath (Yellow) Shock Prod. Sizes are different as listed. The MaGrath Length is complete plus the motot. The lengths of the Wands are below: 22" ==> 17" 34"...

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  • MaGrath Complete Prod

    MaGrath Complete Prod

      MaGrath 38" Complete Shock Prod The solid state electronic system has no moving parts to wear out or replace. Molded of tough structural grade, high impact plastic. Gives efficient electrical conduction and long battery life. Warning: After the...

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