• Vetrimycin 200

    Vetrimycin 200

    Vetrimycin 200  Available in 100, 250, and 500mL Vetrimycin-200 is a long-lasting, broad-spectrum antibiotic containing 200mg oxytetracycline per mL. Vetrimycin-200 is effective in the treatment of pinkeye, foot rot and pneumonia. For use in beef...

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  • Increxxa - Prescription Required

    Increxxa - Prescription Required

    Increxxa Available in 100, 250, and 500 mL Increxxa™ contains tulathromycin, the same macrolide antibiotic veterinarians and the cattle industry have depended on to control and treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in cattle for more than...

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  • Biomycin 200 Biomycin 200

    Biomycin 200

    Bio-Mycin 200 Available in 100mL, 250mL, and 500mL Bio-Mycin® 200 (oxytetracycline injection) is approved for use in beef and dairy cattle and is indicated in the treatment of: Pneumonia and shipping fever complex associated...

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  • Advocin - Prescription Required

    Advocin - Prescription Required

    Advocin Available in 100 and 250mL ADVOCIN® (danofloxacin injection) Sterile Antimicrobial Injectable Solution features the shortest withdrawal time of the major antimicrobial brands, which makes it perfect for treating bovine respiratory...

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  • Draxxin KP - Prescription Required

    Draxxin KP - Prescription Required

    DRAXXIN®KP INJECTABLE SOLUTION TULATHROMYCIN AND KETOPROFEN INJECTION Available in 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL For cattle producers, Draxxin®KP (tulathromycin and ketoprofen injection) Injectable Solution is a one-shot...

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  • First Defense Tri-Shield 12ct.

    First Defense Tri-Shield 12ct.

    First Defense Tri-Shield 12ct. Tubes First Defense Tri-Shield is a colostrum-derived boost for newborn calves that aids in the reduction of scours caused by K99 E. coli and bovine coronavirus, while also reducing severity and duration of scours caused...

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  • SMZ TMP Tablets - Prescription Required

    SMZ TMP Tablets - Prescription Required

      SMZ TMP Tablets (RX ONLY) Available in 100 & 500ct. Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim 960gm concentration.  Antibiotic that treats a variety of urinary tract, respiratory, gastrointestinal, ear & skin infections in pets. Brand...

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  • Zuprevo - RX Required

    Zuprevo - RX Required

      Zuprevo Available in 100 & 250ml Zuprevo 18% (Tildipirosin) is indicated for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) associated with Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, and Histophilus...

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  • Sterile Water - Prescription Required

    Sterile Water - Prescription Required

      Sterile Water Available in 250, 500, & 1000 ml Sterile water for injection is suitable for use as a diluent for the preparation of pharmaceutical solutions. Single-dose vial contains no preservatives. Not suitable for IV...

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  • Resflor Gold - RX Required

    Resflor Gold - RX Required

      Resflor Gold Available in 100, mL, 250 ml, and 500 mL. An injectable solution of the synthetic antibiotic florfenicol (300 mg/mL) and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) flunixin meglumine (16.5 mg/mL). Also...

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