Supplements & Medications

  • Y-Tex Gardstar Garden & Poultry Dust 2#

    Y-Tex Gardstar Garden & Poultry Dust 2#

    Gardstar Garden & Poultry Dust Product Details Keep your farm animals pest-free with a proper poultry dust. Y-TEX Gardstar Garden & Poultry Dust Insecticide is a multi-purpose insecticide for outdoor residential use. This broad spectrum...

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  • Citric Acid 50#

    Citric Acid 50#

    Citric Acid 50# Mild Organic Acid for use in livestock drinking water. Citric Acid increases the solubility of tetracyclines. This product may also be used as a waterline cleaner and anti-microbial.   

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  • Preen Queen - 5lb

    Preen Queen - 5lb

    Dust Bath Booster Available in a 5 lb tub   Preen Queen™ is a dust bath additive to help remove excess oil from your chickens’ bodies. It contains zeolite, diatomaceous earth, peppermint, and citronella essential oils. Simply add...

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  • Bye-Bye, Boo-Boos - 8oz.

    Bye-Bye, Boo-Boos - 8oz.

    Boo-Boos Be Gone Available in an 8 oz spray bottle   Bye-Bye, Boo-Boos™ is a safe and natural way to sooth and mend wounds, cuts, scrapes and abrasions for your flock. It contains organic lavender, tea tree essential oils and vitamin E to...

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  • Happy Tract 6#

    Happy Tract 6#

    Happy Tract™ Available in a 6 lb pouch Daily Snack Bites Happy Tract™ promotes digestive health and immunity in your flock. It contains oregano, cinnamon and thyme essential oils, prebiotics, multi-grains, cracked corn...

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  • Golden Graze 5# Golden Graze 5#

    Golden Graze 5#

     Golden Graze™ Available in a 5 lb pouch Daily Snack Bites Golden Graze™ promotes quality eggs with golden yolks and Omega-3 fatty acids. It contains oregano essential oils, multi-grains, cracked corn, oyster...

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  • Flock Fixer 5.5oz

    Flock Fixer 5.5oz

    Flock Fixer™ 5.5oz. Hydrate & Restore You can’t always see it, but your flock will experience a weakened immune system during times of challenge. Flock Fixer™ is a vitamin rich additive that helps hydrate, restores vital...

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  • Chicken E-lixir - 32 oz Chicken E-lixir - 32 oz

    Chicken E-lixir - 32 oz

    Chicken E-lixir™ 32oz. Everyday Health Chicken E-lixir™ added to drinking water is a natural approach to keeping chickens healthy by supporting immune systems and promoting digestive health. For everyday use, it contains a unique...

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