• Acid Pak

    ACID PAK  Acid Pack is a Water Acidifier Supplying Enzymes, Electrolytes and Natural Gut Flora (Bacteria) For Use During Periods of Stress or Reduced Feed and Water Intake. Drinking Water: Mix contents of this pouch (8 oz) in 128 gallons of water...

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  • Agrimycin 343 Powder

    Agrimycin 343 Powder 4.78 oz Agrimycin 343 is a broad spectrum antibiotic that treats systemic and enteric bacterial diseases susceptible to oxytetracycline in chickens, turkeys, and swine. Contains 343 grams of oxytetracyclline/pound. One packet...

  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid 1 lb Mild organic acid for use in livestock drinking water. Increases the solubility of tetracyclines when used in the drinking water at a rate of 1/2 pound per gallon. May also be used as a waterline cleaner and anti-microbial.

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  • PENNCHLOR 64 - RX REQUIRED 01/01/2017

    Pennchlor 64 Soluble Powder Concentrate - RX REQUIRED 01/01/2017 64 gram Pennchlor 64 Soluble is a broad spectrum antibiotic powder intended for use in the drinking water of chickens, turkeys, calves, and swine. Used in the treatment of scours and...

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  • SpecLinx-50 - RX REQUIRED 01/01/2017

    Lincomycin-Spectinomycin soluble powder - RX REQUIRED 01/01/2017 For use in chickens only Antibacterial and antimycoplasmal water soluble powder. For use in chickens up to 7 days of age to aid in the control of airsacculitis caused by either Mycoplasma...

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  • Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus

    Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus 4 oz Water Soluble Powder Vitamins-Electrolytes-Microbes and Acidifiers Designed for use in Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Horses, Ruminants, Poultry and Turkeys during periods of stress or reduced feed intake. Directions for...

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