• EZ All Total Body Wash

    EZ All Total Body Wash

      EZ ALL Total Body Wash for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Other Animals Available in 32 oz and Gallon(FOB) EZ All Total Body Wash is idea for horses, cattle, and sheep. The concentrated...

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  • Small Pig Face Brush

    Small Pig Face Brush

      SMALL PIG FACE BRUSH Color Varies The small size of this brush and the conventient pocket clip make it great for touch ups in the show ring or for cleaning clipper blades. Plastic handle...

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  • Stierwalt ProRefit

    Stierwalt ProRefit

    14 oz Kirk Stierwalt's ProRefit aerosol adhesive remover makes washing away show day preparations a breeze. It leaves no oily residue so it's ideal for refitting. For best results, let ProRefit sit...

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  • Stierwalt ProRemover

    Stierwalt ProRemover

    Quart Stierwalt ProRemover liquid is an adhesive remover ideal for removing show day preparations and breaking down several animals at once. Mild citrus scent. 

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  • Stierwalt ProTouch Paints

    Stierwalt ProTouch Paints

    10 oz Kirk Stierwalt ProTouch Paints from Weaver Livestock dry quickly and come in a variety of colors. Black paint is split into a 2-step process, with base black and finish black. Colors can be...

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  • Swine Conditioner and Shine

    Swine Conditioner and Shine

    Weaver Swine Conditioner and Shine Available in quarts and gallons Weaver Livestock's Swine Conditioner and Shine is designed to promote healthy, smooth hair and skin while preventing flaking. The...

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  • Swine Conditioning Spray

    Swine Conditioning Spray

    Weaver Swine Conditioning Spray 16 oz The Swine Conditioning Spray from Weaver Livestock replenishes the natural oils and reduces dryness in pigs' skin before show time. The result is a perfect...

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  • Weaver Chill 32oz.

    Weaver Chill 32oz.

      Weaver Chill 32oz. Tighten and firm the hides of sheep and goats before entering the ring with Chill Effective formula containing peppermint oil produces a cooling sensation that...

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  • Weaver Fluffer Comb

    Weaver Fluffer Comb

      Weaver Fluffer Comb Convenient design features a screw and lock nut combination that helps prevent screw from loosening while making removal and replacement of the blade quick and easy...

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  • Weaver Medicated Shampoo 32oz.

    Weaver Medicated Shampoo 32oz.

      Weaver Medicated Shampoo 32oz. Formulated with sensitive hide in mind using ingredients including tea tree and eucalyptus oils, which are known to have natural antiseptic properties that...

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